Free Internet in Ljubljana’s Hotels?

A post on Twitter by @barbdelollis from USA today’s Hotel-checkin blog caught my eye today. “No.1 story on @usatoday‘s Hotel Check-In blog Wed: “Even Katy Perry wants #free #Internet in hotels.” 51 comments!″

The request, or shall I say demand, is fairly normal among hotel guests but as it is Katy Perry demanding it this time, it kicks up a buzz around it. I remember a while back that Mobile Industry Review was looking for a way to rate the often over advertised internet services in Paris hotels and at the time wondered if there was anything like this for the Ljubljana hotels. You can read the full article here:

With all this hype about internet in the hotels, we decided to start the evaluation of the internet offered by the Ljubljana Business Hotels and other top Ljubljana hotels. At this stage we have no other mean than comparing their offers on the internet but we’re hoping to be able to revisit it  in the near future with a more detailed comparison.

Ljubljana Hotels’ Internet Comparison

Over all, the hotels in Ljubljana have a good offering of mostly free internet according to their websites. Some of them don’t specify if the service is free and only one 5 star hotel is openly showing that they charge for their internet. It is possible that they will make an exception if Katy Perry came to Ljubljana so in case this happens, we will follow her Twitter account closely.

Here is the result from the Ljubljana Hotels’ websites:

  • Best Western Premier Hotel Slon – “High speed wireless Internet access throughout the hotel. Free use of computer with Internet in the lobby”
  • Hotel Lev – “Wireless high-speed internet access throughout the hotel (upon payment)
  • Grand Hotel Union Executive – “free high speed internet access in the hotel room”
  • Grand Hotel Union Executive – “free WIFI internet in the hotel room”
  • Central Hotel – “Free internet access in all rooms. Wifi available in public areas”
  • Antiq Palace – “Complimentary WiFi access throughout the hotel and wired internet access in your suite”
  • Antiq Hotel – “high speed wireless internet connection is available at all times”
  • Lesar Hotel Angel – “ALL ROOMS ARE EQUIPPED WITH: … Wi-Fi Internet” [no mentioning of fees]
  • City Hotel – “free of charge hi speed internet connection is available in each room.”
  • Hotel Mons – “[all rooms have] free of charge internet access”
  • Hotel Park – “Free WiFi access throughout the hotel lobby, restaurant, bar and terrace + free LAN internet access in all comfort rooms a+ free use of computer with Internet in the lobby”
  • M hotel – “Wireless Internet Access Free of Charge”

If you know of any of the information above to be incorrect, we would love to hear from you so just leave a comment and we will update it accordingly.



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