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Ljubljana WeatherThe weather in Slovenia is famous for being unpredictable and after having lived in Ljubljana for more than 5 years, I have learnt not to trust any predictions. We have had many trips planned around the weather only to discover that the forecast was completely wrong. However, there is now hope as people living in Ljubljana have worked out which websites are the best and how to use them. Earlier this year, the International Club of Slovenia asked its members to vote and advice on ‘where to find a good Ljubljana weather report’. The response was huge and the result was a list of websites and techniques outlined below. The full result can be viewed on the ICS website where you can also vote or add your own suggestions: http://www.sloveniawelcomes.com/where/ljubljana-weather-report.php


Best Ljubljana Weather websites

YR.no – 22 votes


This might come as a surprise but the top voted website for Ljubljana weather is actually a Norwegian website. We have used this many times ourselves and it is normally very reliable.


National Meteorological Service of Slovenia – 3 votes


The official Slovenia website for Ljubljana weather forecasts was suggested together with a recommendation of how to get the best quick result: click on “Model Forecast” and then select “Locations 10 Days”

Short term prediction = Radar images at www.arso.gov.si – 2 votes


This suggestion arrived a little later than the others and did therefore not receive as many votes but as it is recommending the same website as above, we have decided to put them together in this list.

This is the most unique and useful tip for a short term prediction of the Ljubljana weather.

“The midium term prediction (2-5 days ahead) is more or less like in any other site. But the most PRACTICAL use of their page is the REAL TIME RADAR IMAGES that allows you to predict whether it will rain or not at your particular location whinin the next 10 minutes to 2 hours!!!! How? Go to the ARSO page (www.arso.gov.si), clic on VREME (TOP LEFT side of the page), then click on “Radarska slika padavin” (Its on the right side of the page) and you will see a page with a map of Slovenia and the places where rain is actually falling right now. Clic on “Animacija” (at the bottom left of the map) and you will see the movement of the rain for the last several hours at intervals of 10 minutes. This way you can predict with incredible accuracy whether it will rain or not whithin the next 10 minutes to 2 hours at your location. I use it all the time and it works wonderfully!”


Weather Underground – 3 votes


A few votes were given to weather underground even though it did not get a written endorsement.


Pro-Vreme – 2 votes


Used by self acclaimed ‘computer geeks’ and others, this is a great website to predict the Ljubljana Weather. It includes several other websites’ results and is highly recommended to get a bigger picture of the forecast. The person who submitted this suggestion also says that “The 5-day forecast of many locations across the country is the killer feature, to me.


SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute – 2 votes


Another Scandinavian website is suggested as the best way to predict the Ljubljana weather. It is best described by the non Swedish ICS member that recommended the service:

I have been using this site for many years in different places (Scandinavia, France, UK, Italy, Canada and now Slovenia/Croatia. Probably the most reliable I’ve ever tested. http://www.smhi.se/en/Weather

Also available on Pro-vreme.net where it beats the other available forecast tools.”




One of the largest daily newspapers in Slovenia offers a forecast for the Ljubljana weather. This was suggested as an alternative at the start of the vote but I have not heard many people endorse it afterwards. It is still used by many Slovenes as their daily forecast for Ljubljana.


Vreme of Žurnal24


This website has been recommended as the most user-friendly Ljubljana weather forecast but it did not receive as many votes the others.




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